The Connector June 2017

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Container gardening answer to fresher food

Starting anew in 2018

By Moneca Jantzen

There are certain times of the year that lend themselves to thoughts of renewal and transformation and New Year’s Day is the biggie. The onset of spring and the month of September (think Solstices) seem to be other times in the course of the year that we think of beginning something new, but neither is as compelling or tempting as the beginning of a new calendar year. The freshness of a new calendar brings notions of a clean slate. The pressure to make a new batch of resolutions is enormous whether we would like to admit it or not.
It has even become fashionable to not bother making resolutions in recent years given their apparent futility. It turns out that changing our habits and learning to make better choices for ourselves takes a great deal more than a brand new calendar or daytimer. Surprise, surprise!

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Legion 52 celebrates 90th anniversary in June

Nomad Nan's Trippy Tales — The Pearl of the Adriatic

By Nancy Van Veen

As I passed through the gates into the walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, it felt as if I had stepped back through time into a medieval kingdom. My first course of action was to ascend the city’s main attraction — its awe-inspiring ancient wall. Started in the 7th Century and completed in the 15th, it’s undeniably one of the greatest walls in the world. It’s a challenging 5.5 km trek around, but tremendously rewarding, with breath-taking views of the Adriatic, the vibrant terracotta roofs within the fortress and, of course, bragging rights! The wall is pentagonal in shape and boasts 40 towers, five fortresses and towers as high as 25 m.

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